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Online classes are now available to your friends and family worldwide. They may even be able to train with you.
Share this precious lifetime gift with someone you love. Either sign them up as a gift or invite them to join at

If taking class at the San Diego, CA Studio you will be required to complete the following. Release is required for all participants. Under the age of 18 the Release and Consent forms are both required:
Release         Consent

Print, complete: bring to event, email to,
or fax to Manna's at
(858) 673-4137

$5 Special - Your First Week of Class

Thank you for choosing to review our online interactive martial arts, personal development, and kickboxing programs. Our instructors have taught more than 9,000 participants in class, outreach students and instructors both locally and internationally. Learn about us by selecting the links above (red boxes), view our physical studio with a tour, read testimonials, review our Programs, and buy from our pro shop with 20% or 30% off. We offer online classes both group and private. We are excited to be brought into your home from ours.

Click here to review article about many of the benifits to martial arts.
Once you become a member you will be able to join our interactive classes. You will also be able to review the class for one to two weeks after recorded. Even if you miss the class, a link will be sent to you. We will be holding additional seminars weekly, rank and or age specific.
Subject to be announced on our Calendar/Events (blue box left) and sent in an email to all active members.

Martial arts uniforms are required to participate in martial arts classes. We do understand that you may be trying the martial arts class for the first time, proper workout clothes may be used while you await the arrival of your uniform. Use your uniform or obtain a uniform as quickly as possible.
Purchase a Manna's logoed uniform by calling with free local delivery.
Purchase a Manna's logoed uniform by calling and it will be shipped at your cost.
Buy uniforms at with a discount of 20%.

Kickboxing participants are expected to wear proper workout attire.

The classes will be the ages shown below. Online classes will be available by participating in the One Week Try It or by paying your monthly tuition. We have always offered the most profesional services available to those who train with us. You will have the opportunity to experience the same. We will be continue the online classes through the years to come.

We invite you to send us an email: with your personal training time and grade so we may select additional classes or time with you. Your email will be revieved by Senior Master Instructors (Ko Dan Ja) at Manna's.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who exhibits unprofessional behavior.
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