As Manna’s Martial Arts, a TEMAS Licensed School, continues to reach out into the world we have found it necessary to make course adjustments in the training applications and way we interact and instruct. Manna’s has adopted the following training members certification, the two types of certification are below.


Applied (In School):

This is a path of the applied martial skills and direct physical interaction with participating members. This type of training exercises the movement of individuals in practical application of self-defense, applied pressure and sparring through contact and interaction. Learning as a student you share individual’s sensory interpretation and feedback.

Performance (Distant Learning):

This path is performing martial arts skills through direct or indirect interactive distant learning with little to no direct physical contact with participating members. This type of performing martial arts exercises and movements has individuals learn practical application of self-defense with no counter pressure applied and the absence of contact.

Performance based members may choose to actively participate in Applied Trainings ensuring their applied pressure and sparring through contact and interaction on their journey enabling them to achieve Applied Certification. Distance learning participants in programs may coordinate with TEMAS Certified Instructors and Masters to request these Applied Trainings either at a licensed school or by providing the necessary accommodations and travel for them.

Presentation of either TEMAS Applied Certificates or TEMAS Performance Certificates are solely approved and supplied by agreed upon qualifications pursuant to meeting the application of martial arts by the TEMAS Founding Master and/or Director of the TEMAS Testing Committee

Sparring- Physical interaction between two or more individuals using applied martial arts techniques in a non-prescribed order.