“It remains my pleasure and honor to recognize the outstanding actively training individuals pictured below for their dedication and skills provided to the martial arts, that have reached the rank of Master Instructor and Senior Black Belt.”

Brian D. Manna /Manna's Martial Arts Founder

Brian D. Manna
International Grandmaster 9th Dan
Manna’s Senior Master/President
Teen/Adult, Songin, Leadership Coach

Christopher Brandt
Master Instructor 7th Dan
Manna’s Chief Instructor
Youth, Lifeskills Coach

Janet Manna
Master Instructor 7th Dan
Manna’s VP/Director


Steve Simpson
Master Instructor 5th Dan
Manna’s Extension
Phoenix, AZ/USA 

Faith Carmichael
Master 4th Dan
Snow Heron M.A.
United Kingdom

Sahar Mesri
4th Dan Ko Dan Ja
Manna's Martial Arts


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