Composure and maintenance in the studio and out.


Members should not lose self-control or composure at any time in the school. Always respond with a loud clear voice. Respect and discipline must be maintained. Members should bow to their instructors, senior members and their opponents. When seated, the member should sit in a cross legged position with their back straight and hands on the knees. They should not talk and should look ahead alert and attentive. During training the member should observe correct protocol at all times.


Member should maintain a clean and correctly marked uniform. A high degree of cleanliness should be maintained. No jewelry is to be worn and fingernails and toenails should be clipped short to prevent injury. Female members will wear a T-shirt under their uniform top and male members will wear a protective cup. Students with long hair are to have it tied back. Students are to notify the instructor prior to class: of any injury, illness or the need to leave before the regular class dismissal.

During Class:

When the Class Instructor enters the training floor, the senior belt holder on the floor will call the class to attention and have the class bow. After proper respect has been shown, the class will return to training or follow the instruction given.

When a student is late to class, they are to wait until they are recognized by the instructor, bow and get permission to join the class from the instructor. When a student needs to leave before the end of class, he must first receive permission from the instructor. These rules are more specific for classes taught by Grandmaster Manna, late entry and early dismisal is by emergency need only. When a student needs to ask the instructor anything, they must first approach a senior member to gain permission. A chain of command should always be maintained.

After the closing salutation, the senior student will instruct the class to bow to all Black Belts. When the instructor has dismissed the class, the Black Belts will have the opportunity, at this time, to give any final instructions to the class before they leave the training floor.

Outside of School:

Members should handle themselves with respect and honor when they are outside of the school as well as when they are training. The school and other members are reflected by your behavior. The Chief Instructor should always be greeted and shown the same respect and protocol outside, as in the school.


To support and uphold as true, right and proper, our nations beliefs and honor, even in the face of challenge or indifference.