Janet Manna
Master Instructor 7th Dan
Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons Director
at Manna's Martial Arts

"We welcome your child/children to recieve the best in child development that uses martial arts as a vehicle."

Sue Huey
Instructor 4th Dan
Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons Instructorat Manna's Martial Arts

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Manna's martial arts

Little Dragons

This program is designed to build life skills of confidence, self-discipline and learning to stay on task as well as having respect and courtesy towards one another.

Classes are 60 minutes in length of learning beginners martial arts technique with physical control as well as mental development that will prepare them as they transition into the next higher level of martial arts.

Classes are available during the week and on Saturdays to allow
parents schedule flexibility.

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Your “Little Dragon” is going to LOVE it!


Master Brandt and Mr. Hartsog instruct in the Outreach Programs
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