This section is posted to make you more familiar with our Automatic Collection Agreement known as EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). Manna's Martial Arts is pleased to be able to offer you and your family this EFT billing system.

When joining Manna's you were most likely enrolled with a month to month EFT. This collection of funds is scheduled to begin for one month after your enrollment. All participants are required to complete and sign Form: EFT upon enrollment. This EFT agreement aithorizes Manna's to recieve monthly payments for tuition and or Leadership Programs.

You are in full control of your payment, and at any time you may decide to change your payment method. You agreed to notify Manna's and provide 30 days written notice of the payment method change, extend or cancelation. You understand to extend or cancel your payment you must submit an Extension Notice Form: EFT-EN or Cancelation Notice Form: EFT-CN to Manna's Martial Arts.
Please contact Manna's to ensure reciept of your change, extention or cancelation, the proccess will not be started without a Manna's Repreresentative's signature or return email notification.

We want to thank you for being a part of Manna's Martial Arts and allowing us to be both an aid in building your physical strength and personal wellness. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at your convienance.

Manna's Martial Arts, Inc.
12285B World Trade Drive,
San Diego, California 92128
Voice: (858) 487-6470
Fax: (858) 673-4137
Email: office@Manna.US 

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Manna's EFT forms available for download:
Form: EFT-EN Extension Notice
Form: EFT-CN Cancelation Notice