Congratulations on receiving your Notice For Promotion and Level/Rank Advancement.

Our Grandmaster, Masters, Senior Black Belts (Ko Dan Ja), Instructors and Black Belts will review and grade and share in your improvements. You will perform the required techniques in a group of similar ranks. Manna's Martial Arts will hold testing as follows:

  • In Person at Manna's Main Group Testing: Saturday, October 23rd at 11:30AM
      - Testing times will begin at 11:30AM - Arrive 15 minutes early
      - Test will begin on time and will end at completion , approximately 12:30PM
      - Upon achieving advancement rank will be presented at your test completion

    Invite your family and friends to share in your personal growth and experience.

    Private classes with one of the Masters or Instructors are always a plus and provide the best levels of improvement. Help be the best you can be!
  • Level Testing for your current program & belt:

    Rank Testing for your
    current program & belt:

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