Brian D. Manna
International Grandmaster Instructor
Founder and President

"It remains my honor and goal to aide in the improvement of each participant on their martial arts journey.
Our instruction and guidance has a proven record of performance both in and outside the school."

Please contact us with questions:
call (858) 487-6470 or visit
Manna's martial arts


Manna's Martial Arts, Inc. Legacy Members Lifetime Training Membership is the highest level of long term committment.

An Elite List of Legcay Members

Clyde Robin Parrish III
Clyde Robin Parrish IV
Stuart Rosenberg
Christopher A. Brandt
Boaz Ritblatt
Neriyah Ritblatt
Alexander Szeto
Mabel Szeto
Colin Szeto
Gordon Glazer

Legacy Lifetime Training Membership entitles the individual named above to receive training at Manna's Martial Arts for their lifetime. Participation in many clinics and workshops included, discounts on others may apply. All classes indicated on the Manna's Class Schedule related directly to martial arts and kickboxing are included. As ownership of Manna's extends through the ages from hand to hand so shall your Legacy Membership.

If you have an interest in being a Legacy Lifetime Training Member of Manna's contact
Grandmaster Manna directly at or call
(858) 487-6470


The Szetos receiving their Legacy Memberships