"The truest form of leadership is one which is bestowed upon you by those whom share your journey. I continue to be overwhelmed and honored by the respect, commitment and loyalty shared by those sharing the journey of life that I call students, friends and teachers. This journey's kindness to my students, family and me is never overlooked." -Grandmaster Brian D. Manna

"The martial arts is a tool to assist in both the mental and physical challenges which lay before us in life's journey. Each step, stretch and bead of perspiration provides us an opportunity to achieve.” -Grandmaster Brian Manna


With Grandmaster Manna

Grandmaster Manna will be opening the school for Open Door training sessions. These educational opportunities will be provided to all active members of The Educational Martial Arts system (TEMAS) minimum age of twelve (12) white belt through Senior Master. Grandmaster will be on the floor from 2PM to 4PM as indicated and shown on the calendar. These special educational opportunities will be available once or twice a month. You are welcome to attend and depart as your time permits and always be observant of others. You may bring notebooks and step in and out of training as you want. This training time is an opportunity to ask questions and or watch and learn. Interactive Zoom will be available to distant Ko Dan Ja only. OnDemand will not be made available.

You will be required to do the following to participate/attend:

  • Observe all requirements for social distancing and safety
  • Wear a mask
  • Arrive through student entrance in uniform
  • No changing rooms are available
  • There will be no observers or gathering of viewers
  • Shoes will be placed in your equipment bag
  • All personal gear will be kept with or stored in equipment bag
  • Sanitize hands prior to entering and departing the instruction area
  • Show respect and bow upon entry and exit
  • Any and all contact will be done with mask and shield protection and sanitize hands at completion
  • Each participant will be required to clean and sanitize any equipment used

    Grandmaster reserves the right to attend to lessons in his opinion that are most relevant to the question and students at hand. Through continued education each individual may attain higher levels of growth and knowledge.

    Tang Soo!