Thank you for choosing to participate in our kickboxing program her at Manna's.

Each participant to the Kickboxing must have a current Release and Consent To Treat form on file at Manna's.
Both forms are required:
Release         Consent

Print, complete: bring to event, email to, or fax to Manna's
at (858) 673-4137

The Workout That Packs A Punch (Kickboxing Flyer)

Manna's Martial Arts, 12285B World Trade Drive, San Diego CA 92128
Voice: 858-487-6470

After registration you will have two options:
Option 2) FIRST MONTH AND REGISTRATION FOR $59 (I already have gloves & wraps)
Option 3) Do Option 2 and then pay month to month $49.95
Option 4) Have/Get gloves and wraps and pay $10 each drop in workout
One Hour Workout Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7PM and Saturday 10 AM

Please fill out this registration form, below. When you click on the “submit kickboxing registration” button, you will be be forwarded to the payment page.

Participant Information:

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Contact Information:

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Parent/Guardian Information (Required if applicant is under 18 years of age):

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Submit Kickboxing Registration:

I submit this registration for the Kickboxing at Manna’s Martial Arts. If participant is under 18 years of age, a legal age guardian must be in attendance to complete additional registration forms to participate. You may elect to print and provide these required forms: Release and Consent, if not already onfile, see left. This Internet Special allows the participant to a $30 savings on the first month.

Participant Guardian (if participant is under 18 years of age)   Date:*


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